Build Epic Kingdoms In The Land Of Zolth

The Land Of Zolth provides a means where minecraft players can build Epic Kingdoms, or become citizens of Kingdoms that have already been established by others.

The Land of Zolth utilizes the Civs plugin to provide fun ways to get creative with player builds, adventures, alliances and wars!

Citizens can build over 140 buildings, shop, factories to earn income for themselves and the town / kingdom that they are citizens of.

Players enjoy 6 town upgrade abilities, 2 war bases and a mining colony. Shops, defenses, population homes. All of these things can be built and enjoyed by all players of the town / village or kingdom!


  • Player memberships per town can be configured per building, and town.
  • Population limits are determined by housing.  When you add more housing, you can have more citizens!
  • If you need to add population quickly, even villagers can become Citizens!
  • All towns use power.  The power can be depleted by enemies, but there’s many defense posts that can be built to protect your kingdom!
  • Buildings consume set items to help increase the income of Citizens and the town.   All a citizen has to do is place the determined items in the builds chest, to have it automatically consumed and sold on a set timer.
  • All kingdoms can have a set democracy of the town leaders / citizens choice!
  • Traps can be set to shoot arrows at mobs or non-citizens automatically.   The arrow traps are deadly, and it’s very hard to survive them!
  • Catapults can be built, to shoot TNT with deadly accuracy!
  • Items and supplies can be moved by minecart automatically to other buildings and warehouses, to help speed up the manufacturing process.
  • Certain builds can spawn animals, to help improve farming performance.

To learn more about the benefits provided with Civs, click here for the Civs tutorial.  The tutorial is a work in progress and is updated on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to join us in The Land Of Zolth, we’d love to have you join us!  Server Address:


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