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IGN: Zolth
10 months ago

The Land Of Zolth is not your typical Minecraft Survival Server.  We have focused a lot of time, energy and money in developing a server that is not just fun, but that is also extremely challenging!

We have devoted the server to one very specific plug-in to ensure that players have a great time, while also having the chance to fight mighty powerful mobs.  

The plug-in that we have focused a lot of time and energy with, is the ever wonderful, highly customizable, amazingly awesome Elite Mobs plug-in that is coded by MagmaGuy (a great programmer).

Elite Mobs allows us to provide custom mobs, bosses and items for our players to enjoy.  Elite Mobs also comes with various pre-made dungeons that are not only amazingly fun to battle in, but also extremely challenging!  

Some of the dungeons are so challenging, that the bosses can NOT be defeated by any single player, but must instead be fought by MANY very high-level players with high-level gear.

This means that in order to obtain the best gear in the game, one must also strive towards building a great team of players who can battle bosses together.

The best way to form a team of great players, is of course to start off small by inviting a few friends to fight with you, in one of the easier dungeons.  

This way, you and your friends can learn the basic mechanics of how the Elite Mobs fight, and hopefully obtain a few great Elite Drops.   You will need those drops in order to progress to harder dungeons!

The Catacombs and The Pirate Ship are the two best dungeons for new players to start with.  

We have a forum devoted exclusively to dungeon strategies (click here to view it). 

There you can find out more information about the dungeons that are on the game server.

As you enjoy playing on the server, stop back by here and see if anyone has posted about forming a team for a dungeon battle.  

You can also see if any teams are forming on our discord server.

As you spend more time playing and getting to know other players, eventually you will become part of a mighty team of great players whom you can have a ton of fun with battling the dungeon bosses!

Last edited: 10 months ago