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IGN: Zolth
10 months ago

If you have not discovered it yet, some of the dungeons in The Land Of Zolth are pretty dang difficult to survive in.  The catacombs is one of the easiest dungeons on the server, yet even a high level player will find it hard to defeat The Rattler unless he or she has some great gear!

Rather you like to solo or battle with a team, you will still need to think fast in order to defeat many of the mighty mobs and bosses.

This forum is available so that players can share their strategies with one another, as all work together to define winning maneuvers to defeat even the hardest bosses imaginable!

Just so you will understand how difficult some of the dungeons can be, here's a short trailer for one of the hardest dungeons, The Dark Spire.  Notice that there are some high-level mobs in this dungeon!

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