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IGN: Zolth
10 months ago

Please read these rules carefully. Violation of any of these rules can result in a player being banished from the server.

These rules apply for the Discord Server, The Land Of Zolth Game Server and the Community Website

**Respect All Players**

Do not be a Karen, do not be a Troll, do not talk to other players in a disrespecting manner. If you want to PVP, invite a player to the PVP Arena, or at least ask their permission to PVP before you begin a battle.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to call other players vile, vulgar or hurtful names. We have zero tolerance for bullying.

**Respect All Staff Members**

Again, do not be a Karen, do not be a Troll, and remember this: All of our Staff provides a lot of time, freely and without pay, to help make the server more enjoyable. That is why they have the power to mute, kick and ban any players who violates any of these rules.

**Site Or Server Support**

Support is provided via Discord in the #get-support channel. Do not ask server support related questions in game.

**No Offensive Content**

No cursing, no hate or racist remarks, no vile or vulgar language. Keep all builds clean, name all of your mobs with clean names, and do not wear offensive or vulgar skins.

Above all, do not threaten or try to intimidate other players.

**No Advertising Allowed**

Do not advertise anything on the server, including other servers.

**Do Not Impersonate Staff**

**No Begging, No Griefing, **

**Seek Permission For Massive Redstone Builds**

**No Hacking**

**No DDOS Threats**

**No Spamming**

**No Cheating**

**No Scamming Other Players**

***Above All Keep It Friendly, Keep It Clean & Keep It Fun For Everyone!***