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Hello And Welcome To The Zolth Donor Shop !!

You'll discover all sorts of fun and fabulous items that can be purchased to improve your game play and enjoyment in the Land Of Zolth.

We offer a variety of  pets that follow you wherever you go.  You can choose from many different pets from the adorable Duck to the lonely floating Baby Ghast.  

You can also let your pet follow you wherever you go, or you can ride your pet in style.  If you are wanting to have a bit more fun you can even wear your pet as a hat!

If you are in need of crate keys, we have them here!   

If you can't decide which type of crate key you wish, then go ahead and get a regular key key and chance your luck that it'll randomly select a great key to give you something wonderful.  Who knows, you may get extra claim blocks that you desperately need to expand your land!

You can also purchase claim blocks if you wish, in packages of 500 to 500,000 claim blocks, it's your choice!

Please take a moment to shop around and see what kinds of goodies we offer that you can use to increase your enjoyment of playing on The Land Of Zolth server!   

If you ever have any questions or are in need of online shop support, or in-game support, please visit to contact us.

Please Note: We currently only accept PayPal for payments.  We hope to add additional payment options in the very near future.

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