Surviving Your First Day In The Land Of Zolth

Surviving in The Land Of Zolth is not as easy as one finds it to be in a strictly vanilla minecraft world.  You will need to work fast if you wish to survive your first day.  The typical tools you’ll need in order to build shelter are not the typical tools you’d expect to use.

You will not only experience pain and hunger here, but you will also get thirsty and tired.  As I share with you more information about The Land Of Zolth, I will occasionally share a “Tactical Tip” to help you.  You will have to find out many things on your own, as you adventure throughout the land, but the tactical Tips are provided to help you survive.

All Tactical Tips will be highlighted in vibrant yellow to help guide you better.

When you first joined, you were given a sword and a few resources to help you as you begin your journey.

You have also been given some steak and melon slices.  The steak of course is for when you get hungry, and the melon slices will help quench your thirst.

To begin your adventures, you will want to visit the travel well located in Portopia (the spawn area).  Jump into the well to visit the wilderness, that’s where the fun and adventure awaits you!

The first item you will need to craft, is a hatchet.  You will need a hatchet in order to chop wood (wood can not be obtained by punching it with your fist).

Once you find yourself in the wilderness, you will need to think fast if it’s nighttime, because you can’t dig a hole to save yourself until you have crafted a shovel.

You can break leaves tho, so one way to survive the night would be to climb a tree and wait safely until dawn.  Your sword can also help defend against some hostile mobs (zombies & spiders), but you’ll find it will not provide much help against skeletons and creepers.


If you can’t find a safe location, then you can also go back to Portopia, and wait there in safety.  To transport yourself back to Portopia, simply use the /spawn command.

If it’s daytime, you can safely wander about as you search for flint to make your first tool.  You will need 2 pieces of flint (you can dig in gravel using your hand) and one stick (break leaves to get a stick) so that you can craft yourself a Hatchet.

Hatchet Recipe


Once you have crafted your hatchet, you will need to gather more flint, chop some wood, and get another stick so that you can craft a Mattock.  The mattock is the tool you’ll have to use until you can craft a pickax.

Mattock Recipe


After you have crafted a Mattock, use it to get two cobblestones.  Those stones and another stick are the ingredients you’ll need to craft a hammer.  You will find the hammer to be the most in demand tool that you’ll be using as you enjoy your time in The Land Of Zolth.


Hammer Recipe


You can now begin to gather the resources that you’ll need in order to craft your workbench.  Kill a cow to obtain a piece of leather, chop a block for your wood, and kill a sheep to obtain wool so that you can convert that wool into string.  Use those resources to craft your workbench.


Workbench Recipe


Now that your workbench is crafted, you can use it to craft more complex items.  Craft yourself a bed, so that you can rest at night.  If you do not get plenty of rest, then you’ll get dizzy.  If you wait too  long before resting, then you’ll pass out which will result in your death.

Your energy level is displayed in your player menu to the right of your screen.  Keep an eye on this level, and rest when you see it getting too low.  You can only rest at night, so be sure to stay in bed until your energy is fully restored!



Harvesting Crops

You will need a Sickle to harvest crops, you can’t harvest them with your bar hands.


Flint Sickle

Stone Sickle

Iron Sickle


It is recommended that you craft iron sickles as soon as you are able, as these tools last longer and will produce more crops.

Once you have crafted the basics, you can either wander the land until you locate a town / village or kingdom or you can claim your own land to build your own town / village or kingdom.

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