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 Zolth •   over 2 years ago •  2091

The land Of Zolth provides an epic minecraft adventure that is not typically found on a minecraft server! If you are desiring a truly RPG experience in a voxel based land, then you MUST become a Citizen of Zolth!  We welcome you with open arms!

You will not find the typical Minecraft grind here. Zolth is a survival based game where you will have to fight to survive, but, you can also complete quests to advance yourself in the kingdom.

When you first join Zolth you will find yourself in Portopia, the main Spawn area.  Here you can interact with some of the local NPCs.

The first thing you will see will be a very det...

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Topics Regarding Slimefun 4 & Exotic Gardens
 Zolth •   over 2 years ago •  2420

The slimefun 4 plugin is something we have installed on The Land Of Zolth server, simply because we love the added extras it provides like more plants, food, recipes, gear and contraptions.

This forum here is for discussing the many ways one utilizes this plugin, when building their own virtual home or kingdom on the server. 

All new players receive a slimefun guidebook when they first join the server.  The guide is also very helpful in letting you learn about all of the fabulous mechanics provided with this great plugin! 

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 Zolth •   over 2 years ago •  1981

Please read these rules carefully. Violation of any of these rules can result in a player being banished from the server.

These rules apply for the Discord Server, The Land Of Zolth Game Server and the Community Website

**Respect All Players**

Do not be a Karen, do not be a Troll, do not talk to other players in a disrespecting manner....

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Share Your Dungeon Strategies Here!
 Zolth •   over 2 years ago •  2153

If you have not discovered it yet, some of the dungeons in The Land Of Zolth are pretty dang difficult to survive in.  The catacombs is one of the easiest dungeons on the server, yet even a high level player will find it hard to defeat The Rattler unless he or she has some great gear!

Rather you like to solo or battle with a team, you will still need to think fast in order to defeat many of the mighty mobs and bosses.

This forum is available so that players can share their strategies with one another, as all work together to define winning maneuvers to defeat even the hardest bosses imaginable!

Just so you will understand how difficult some of the dungeons can be, here's a short t...

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The Basics Of Forming A Brave & Mighty Team
 Zolth •   over 2 years ago •  2005

The Land Of Zolth is not your typical Minecraft Survival Server.  We have focused a lot of time, energy and money in developing a server that is not just fun, but that is also extremely challenging!

We have devoted the server to one very specific plug-in to ensure that players have a great time, while also having the chance to fight mighty powerful mobs.  

The plug-in that we have focused a lot of time and energy with, is the ever wonderful, highly customizable, amazingly awesome Elite Mobs plug-in that is coded by MagmaGuy (...

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