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The Land Of Zolth Server Rules

Please read these rules carefully. Violation of any of these rules can result in a player being banished from the server.

These rules apply for the Discord Server, The Land Of Zolth Game Server and the Community Website

**Respect All Players**

Do not be a Karen, do not be a Troll, do not talk to other players in a disrespecting manner. If you want to PVP, invite a player to the PVP Arena, or at least ask their permission to PVP before you begin a battle.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to call other players vile, vulgar or hurtful names. We have zero tolerance for bullying.

**Respect All Staff Members**

Again, do not be a Karen, do not be a Troll, and remember this: All of our Staff provides a lot of time, freely and without pay, to help make the server more enjoyable....


Build Epic Kingdoms In The Land Of Zolth

The Land Of Zolth provides a means where minecraft players can build Epic Kingdoms, or become citizens of Kingdoms that have already been established by others.

The Land of Zolth utilizes the Civs plugin to provide fun ways to get creative with player builds, adventures, alliances and wars!

Citizens can build over 140 buildings, shop, factories to earn income for themselves and the town / kingdom that they are citizens of.

Players enjoy 6 town upgrade abilities, 2 war bases and a mining colony. Shops, defenses, population homes. All of these things can be built and enjoyed by all players of the town / village or kingdom!


  • Player memberships per town can be configured per building, and town.
  • Population limits are determined by housing.  When you add more housing, you can have...

Surviving Your First Day In The Land Of Zolth

Surviving in The Land Of Zolth is not as easy as one finds it to be in a strictly vanilla minecraft world.  You will need to work fast if you wish to survive your first day.  The typical tools you’ll need in order to build shelter are not the typical tools you’d expect to use.

You will not only experience pain and hunger here, but you will also get thirsty and tired.  As I share with you more information about The Land Of Zolth, I will occasionally share a “Tactical Tip” to help you.  You will have to find out many things on your own, as you adventure throughout the land, but the tactical Tips are provided to help you survive.

All Tactical Tips will be highlighted in vibrant yellow to help guide you better.

When you first joined, you were given a sword and a few resources to help you as...


Capture Mobs By Throwing Eggs At Them!

A wonderfully fun feature provided in The Land Of Zolth is the ability to capture mobs when throwing eggs at them. This allows players to capture mobs (spawn eggs) that can then be transported in their inventory.


Vote For The Server And Receive These Ranks & Rewards

When you vote for The Land Of Zolth, you will receive some awesome rewards, and can earn higher ranks that provide extra benefits, perks and goodies for players!

How To Vote:

Click the banners below to visit the voting sites.  Make sure that you are logged onto the game server at when you vote, so that you can collect your rewards!  Your rewards will be given to you automatically int he game, as soon as you place your vote/s.


Enjoy An Epic Minecraft Adventure In The Land Of Zolth!

The land Of Zolth provides an epic minecraft adventure that is not typically found on a minecraft server! If you are desiring a truly RPG experience in a voxel based land, then you MUST become a Citizen of Zolth!  We welcome you with open arms!

You will not find the typical Minecraft grind here. Zolth is a survival based game where you will have to fight to survive, but, you can also complete quests to advance yourself in the kingdom.